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We have been servering pigeon enthusiasts for over 25 years.
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Robin Andrews,  Owner

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We aim to provide a good quality product, with a strong level of customer service. We achieve a mailing from our  works, to our pigeon fanciers, of 14 days or less, from receipt of order, throughout most of the year. Any problems or special enquiries are dealt with in a prompt and helpful manner.

To obtain a brief history of our products, please read on below.

In the Royal Racing Pigeon Racing Association rule book, the regulations which govern pigeon racing in UK, Rule No 121 states that all pigeons must have an identification of owner's telephone number, so that any stray or lost pigeons may be reported correctly and promptly.

In the past, this identification was carried out solely by the use of an ink stamp, performed on the underside of the pigeon's wing. This can be a difficult operation, and often needs two people to achieve a satisfactory result. Moreover, it is not immediately obvious to a layman, looking at a pigeon, that a wing stamp is to be found under a wing.

Lambournes Pigeon Rings was formed over 25 years ago in order to meet the need to permit reporting of stray pigeons. Originally, we came up with the idea of making quite a big plastic ring, which could be mounted on a pigeon's leg. These would be made in a range of bright colours, giving the advantage that a member of the general public, spotting a pigeon with an identification ring, could report the bird to it's owner.

For many years, the ring carried the address of the owner, and fulfilled RPRA regulations. However, about 20 years ago, from pigeon racing feedback, we found out that owner's personal confidentiality was a very real problem, with many cases of theft of birds from owner's lofts being reported.

Therefore, we decided to alter the product, by incorporating on the leg ring, printing only the telephone number of the fancier. Clearly, by omitting the address, a greater level of security is achieved.

About 10 years ago, it became apparent that many fanciers wished to put the
ring onto the same leg as the ETS timing chip was fitted. Therefore, we introduced a narrower ring, which has become an extremely popular option. This step was made possible by limiting the stamping to only the telephone number on the ring.
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